Oompa Loompas.  Wonka bars.  Golden tickets.  Glass ceilings.  Get where I’m going with this? Well, good, because Willy Wonka was one of the most creative, inspirational entrepreneurs in movie history (at least according to POSTGRADOLESCENCE standards, which are amazingly high).  It’s no wonder Johnny Depp wanted to “creepify” the iconic innovator in the modern-day adaption of this classic film.  As you know, Depp only tackles projects that pique his interest, where he has to portray very intricate characters – Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, the lovable Mad Hatter and of course – Willy Wonka.  Seriously speaking though, the character of Wonka is one to remember.  He was able to establish a money-making emporium by taking a simple concept and combining it with passion, zeal and a little bit of eccentricity.  So it doesn’t take much to turn big dreams into a functional reality.  Sure, you might be saying to yourself, “That’s a movie…it’s not reality.”  And you’re correct, but you’re missing something!  Our reality is what we choose it to be.  If we shelf our creative ideas and put them into an “un”-realistic category, that’s where they will stay collecting dust.  If you ask me, we (as as society) have suppressed our creative geniuses long enough, while overtly praising our intellectual attributes. What?  You don’t think that you can make money doing what you love?  Well, that’s where you’re wrong.  Look at Oprah, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and the list can go on and on.  These individuals don’t have any extra “superhuman” genes.  They’re regular people, just like you.  What sets them apart from the rest and makes them new-age pioneers is the fact that they know how to tap into their creative “zones of genius.”  They believe that what they have is what we want.  If you believe in yourself enough, there are no glass ceilings that you can’t break through.  Wonka showed us just that!  And even if you don’t have your own glass elevator to test out, it’s okay.  All you need is a little gumption and you may be surprised to see what happens.  Have fun breaking those ceilings!

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